November 7, 2011

Winter flyer to share

Fall and Winter are busy seasons and things can slip through the cracks and we can feel overwhelmed by the amount of pressure around us. 

For this reason, we have extended the "early bird" rate for the North Texas Five Day Academy for Spiritual Formation to November 15th. 

We are already at 1/2 capacity!

It is common for any Five Day that the weeks leading up to the retreat see a dramatic increase of applicants.  What this means for you who are interested in attending - this Five Day could fill up very quickly after Christmas.  In order to ensure that you will have a spot you may want to deeply consider registering now and have that peace of mind of knowing you will have a space at the Five Day in February where you will be able to decompress after the holiday season.

You can click here to see a full 4 page PDF that you can download and print off to share.  This PDF has more information than any of our previous publications so you can get a better sense of what the plans are for February.  


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