February 21, 2020



Therefore, stay awake...
COFFEE will be served.

     8:30 AM  Arrive & Gather
     Coffee will be served


February 19, 2020

Want to "taste" the Academy experience? Introducing ACADEMY ON THE ROAD!

A day apart offered in the rhythm
of Upper Room's Academy for Spiritual Formation,
"Academy OTR" will extend your Academy experience
or welcome you for the first time.

Be warned, it's only a "taste," not the whole banquet.
Plan to be in silence and stillness.
Plan to share in community, or not.
Register now. Come with no agenda. Suspend judgment.
Show up. Be open to surprise.

February 18, 2020

AT THE EDGE TOGETHER: Thomas Merton & the Way of Jesus

Beloved community gathered

in North Texas Feb 2-7 with

Grace Imathiu & Loyd Allen

to explore Merton and the

stories and Way of Jesus.

Pastor Grace opened the
scriptures until participants
were stretched to the edge
of new learning.

Dr. Allen walked us to the
     edge of true self and false
self through Merton's insights.


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