December 4, 2020

Posted: DAILY RHYTHM Virtual Academy 2021

The cyber cloister schedule has been updated to reflect the rhythm of our days together Jan 31-Feb 2. Just go to the "Home" page and find it on the tab "Rhythm, Rates, Details."


Billy & Linda Keen
Billy & Linda Keen

They say that extroverts are hungry for hugs in this season of pandemic. As an extrovert, I (Linda) am starving for the kind of community (kindom) I find in the Academy for Spiritual Formation. When I attended a first Academy with Billy, my introvert/mystic husband, suddenly we were on the same page. I discovered what he already knew and he saw the radical difference it made in me. We are two differently-gifted artists sharing individual journeys to God. The Academy for Spiritual Formation deepens our daily rhythm and enriches our life together.

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