August 5, 2021


Let me hear what God will speak, for God will speak peace to his people, to God's faithful who turn to God in their hearts.
Psalm 85:8

Out of the Silence: Let the Voices Be Heard is a theme that prepares us to recognize that we each emerge from diverse contexts with different experiences. As we share spiritual practices in community we are able to listen for God. The process of listening for God and each other helps us on the path toward wholeness and healing and to seek God's preferred future for all God's people. 

The theme emerged through Academy team consultation, dialogue, prayer and  discernment, and is offered as the focus for Academy participants starting Tuesday, Feb 1, 2022. [Read more]

The Academy for Spiritual Formation® provides a space and a community where we listen for God. This listening comes to us in times of silence and reflection, worship, prayer, the teaching by faculty presenters, and conversations in listening circles. Out of the silence, let the voices be heard.


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