Bob Holloway - Retreat Leader 
I have been involved with the Academy for Spiritual Formation for several years. I have been a participant in several five day academies, the Texas Two Year Academy and have served as the Retreat Leader for the Five Day North Texas for the past 7 years.
The Academy has played a major role in my spiritual formation as a pastor and District Superintendent. The worship, silence, learning sessions and the participation in covenant groups shaped my awareness of the need for a rule of life through the spiritual practices. I have a strong interest in being available to assist pastors and local churches in assessing and responding to their spiritual life. In retirement, I enjoy personal and leadership consultation, team building and missional visioning and discernment. I also have a very strong interest in the education I am receiving with Judy as we have the fun of playing with our three toddler grandchildren.

Judy Holloway - Worship 
I am deacon in the Central Texas Conference and I was a part of the first team to establish a Five Day Academy in Central Texas. I served in music ministry and as worship coordinator for three "Two-Year Academies" in San Antonio. Currently I teach music at Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth and serving as worship coordinator in Five day Academies and retreats for local churches and organizations.

Linda Keen - Publicity 

I like to say I’m a “talent scout, director and producer” living near San Antonio, Texas. I traveled around the world once, discovering wide diversity in God’s creation, only to come home to realize “There are Calcuttas everywhere.” [Thank you, Shane Claiborne!] Recently in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales, I learned how closely connected our roots can be. I’ve been to a county fair, and have judged parades, talent/oratory contests, chili cook-offs, and dance competitions. I acted in a few plays, marched in bands, managed a professional dance team, directed a Christmas nativity, led a volunteer worship arts team, and presided over a non-profit organization undergoing deep transition. As I journey through my own life transition, I’m finding new identity in walking alongside people, new joy in singing, travel, and new challenges in creating worship visuals. Participating in Academy for Spiritual Formation since 1999, I’ve been influenced by patient, compassionate Five Day teams, Two-Year teams, and pilgrims to Scotland & Northumbria. I am currently: volunteer treasurer for the San Antonio Art League Museum (a 501.c.3); attempting to master the Scottish bagpipe; married to Billy (San Antonio’s Artist of The Year 2016); mom to Brian in El Paso and Devin & Kerry in Denver. In the mystery of it all, I’ve become aware of God’s palpable presence, the compassion of Christ, and the Spirit’s constant coming.

Kristin Warthen - Registrar 
Pastor for Marriage and Family Ministries at White’s Chapel United Methodist Church

I count myself blessed to live in pursuit of my passion: serving God and teaching others in new and creative ways. As an avid reader and lover of pop culture, I find myself fascinated by the ways in which art and life imitate and reflect one another. When I am not listening to a podcast, reading a book, or watching a movie, I am probably talking about observations from podcasts, books, and movies. I married my high school sweetheart, Joshua, fresh out of high school, and together, we are journeying through parenthood with our two caring and witty daughters who often teach us more than we teach them. As a graduate of Brite Divinity School, I also spend time exploring creative ways that Christians can seek justice and bring hope in a world craving both.

JoNell Lindh - Listening Circles/Covenant Groups
I am a Kansas farm girl with a deep love for all of God's creation. I earned a Bachelor of Music degree at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas. I met and married my husband, Jody Lindh and we got to Dallas as soon as we could. The season of my first career as an Elementary Music teacher came to its conclusion at the Women's Walk to Emmaus # 4 at Lake Sharon where I experienced God calling me into full time ministry. I have been honored to serve many Walks from that time until now. Since music and singing fill my soul and give me a language to fully praise God with joy, I earned a Master of Music degree from Texas Women's University during my 20 years of teaching music. I then turned toward preparing for this call to ministry. I earned a Master of Divinity from Brite Divinty School at Texas Christian University. In almost 20 years of serving several churches as Senior and Associate Pastor, and as Chaplain with two hospitals, I discovered the core of my call is to pastoral care and counseling. I am retired and serving part time at First United Methodist Church in Dallas as their Pastoral Care minister. Attending the Academy Retreats for many years is my go-to place to replenish my dry soul. The presenters feed my mind with new and stimulating thoughts to ponder. The wonderful conversations with participants and the peaceful lake and walking trails brings me closer to the Holy Spirit's goading and leading me deeper into God's plan for my life.

Jerry Roberson - Hospitality
Dr. Jerry L. Roberson is a Cognitive High-Performance Coach specializing in the professional and holistic development of professional athletes, entertainers, clergy, and senior executives. With a focus on transformational coaching, he is the Church Transformation Coach for the Central Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church (UMC). He provides coaching services to clergy charged with creating new faith communities of worship, revitalizing struggling churches, and church mergers. Dr. Roberson has a unique ability to help congregations, of all sizes, to embrace change and to align impactful worship experiences, meaningful ministries, and service missions. With over 20 years of experience in various roles surrounding family, maternal and child health, Dr. Roberson has extensive training and expertise in social and behavioral aspects of human development. “The Academy helps people to center themselves, to restore, to replenish, and to renew. It is a bubbling well of new beginnings.” - Dr. Jerry

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