February 18, 2020

AT THE EDGE TOGETHER: Thomas Merton & the Way of Jesus

Beloved community gathered

in North Texas Feb 2-7 with

Grace Imathiu & Loyd Allen

to explore Merton and the

stories and Way of Jesus.

Pastor Grace opened the
scriptures until participants
were stretched to the edge
of new learning.

Dr. Allen walked us to the
     edge of true self and false
self through Merton's insights.

    In the solitude and silence

      spent at the edge together...

    in the wash of the rhythm

      of daily prayer and worship...

    each one present received

           fresh bread

          for the journey ahead.

...a rich time for

beloved companionship,

silence, stillness, solitude,

healing, wholeness, holiness.

Pictured below: Team with Faculty (L-R)
Katie Newkirk, Kristin Warthen, Judy Holloway,
Bob Holloway, Rev. Grace Imathiu, Linda Keen,
Dr. Loyd Allen, Jerry Roberson,
JoNell Lindh, and Michael Johnston


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